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Teaching Experience

Fall 2019  Guest Lecturer, Biomedical Sensing Systems (ECE4781/8833 cross listed), Georgia Tech

Conducted lectures on noninvasive peripheral stimulation and wearable sensing.

Spr 2019  Guest Lecturer, Biosystems Analysis (ECE4782/8834 cross listed), Georgia Tech

Conducted hands-on lectures on feature extraction, feature engineering, dimensionality reduction, and machine learning.

Fall 2014  Graduate Teaching Assistant, Analog and Digital Electronics (ENEE303), University of Maryland

Prepared and lectured weekly recitations, quizzes, and office hours. Received teaching fellowship, evaluated per excellent student feedback.

Mentoring Experience

2020-2021  David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, UCLA Bioengineering, & Applied Mathematics: Two Ph.D. students, two undergraduate students

2017-2020  Georgia Tech and Emory: Five Ph.D. and two M.Sc. students

    • S.E. Sheikh (Ph.D., ECE, 2019-2020) • Y. Jiao (M.Sc., Epidemiology, 2019-2020) • K. Scott (Ph.D., ECE, 2019)

    • A. Gazi (Ph.D., ECE, 2018-2019)  • B. Nevius (M.Sc., BME 2018-2019) • H. Jung (Ph.D., ECE, 2017-2018)

    • D. Ward (M.Sc., MechE, 2017-2018, currently pursuing Ph.D.)

2015-2016      University of Maryland: A team of 13 undergraduates with diverse backgrounds from Gemstone Honors Program with Robert W. Newcomb. The team completed a proof-of-concept prototype for stationless bikeshare for the campus.

Diversity & Outreach

Nov 2019  Reviewer for the Posters at the Georgia State Capitol showcase of research and creative projects by undergraduate students from universities in the state of Georgia. During the event, students present their projects to those responsible for crafting higher education policy in Georgia.

Aug 2019  ECE Rush Volunteer

Presented opportunities on research for bioengineering technical interest group for transfer students, undecided majors, ECE freshmen

Jun 2019  Hands-on Tech (HOT) Days at Georgia Tech Day Camp Lecturer

Designed a wearable electronics module for high school students to instill interest in ECE. Lecturer of two hands-on modules for 39 high school students. Module includes basic circuit design, firmware programming, prototyping.

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